The Cross and the time to come

In this post we will explore the meaning of the symbol of the cross and its implications on modern times.

Jesus was hoping for a Spiritual Church that has not born yet. But it is happening now.

A Church built on Christ, meaning on the awareness that Christ, the Atman dwells in every man, is everyman’s truest nature. And that Atman is one with Brahman, the Son is one with the Father.

The manifestation is then the Mother and, curiously, “matter” and “mother” come from the same root word.

And when the Father (transcendence) and the Mother (immanence) meet, they generate the Son (the threshold). 

So this is the sacred meaning of the cross: 

the symbol of the Divine Trinity: Father, Mother and Son.

The verticality: Father, Brahman, is the energy of transcendence.

The horizontality: Holy Spirit refers to the jewish Shekinah: the Mother, Shakti, the manifestation. It is the energy of immanence. 

Where they meet is the Son, Atman, the doorway between manifestation and mystery. 

And God is one and triune : Brahman, Shakti and Atman are one.

Christ, this threshold, is our truest nature.

What we are called today, is a step further non-dual traditional approach.

Non duality claims that Brahaman and Atman, the Father and the Son, are ONE.

But Christ tells us that God is one and Triune. This includes manifestation.

To make this true, we have to include manifestation in the Silence of our Heart, and discover that transcendence is One with immanence (Shakti). All is Life, Consciousness, all can be included.

Our everyday life is our path, every path leads to the Truth. Because, as Jesus Said, “I AM the Path”. The Self is the path, finally resting in the Silence, that can embrace and include everything.

I believe that including the manifestation (the feminine aspect of creation) in our Heart, will heal the wound of the feminine (that dwells in both men and women), wound that generates a great suffering in the whole humanity.

By realizing our true nature, a new Eon will begin, in which Consciousness will pass over the individual step to access a super conscious mind or a we-consciousness.

This is the coming of the new Eon: the age of Aquarius.

Jesus inaugurated the Era of the Fish: the individual.

Now we are called to a new Era: symbolically, the fish melts in the water, the individual in the Divine, only the water remains. Consciousness embodied in the human form, transcendence at one with immanence.

This realization allows God to become human and it is not something a person does or reaches. Christ, the Son, Atman is not a person: a person has never existed, only the process of the Divine to become self conscious in the manifestation.

*The photo was shot by Umberto Del Noce. All rights reserved.

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