“Nothing can set you free, because you are free”

– Nisargadatta Maharaj

  • Imagine

    17 Jul 2019 by

    “Father’s kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don’t see it“ — Christ Imagine the message of Christ awaits since two thousand years to be fully discovered. Imagine the message of Christ asks that you have a fundamental part  in spreading Love and Awareness in the world. Imagine that Christ is not a… Read more

  • A new beginning

    17 Jul 2019 by

    “Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.” ― Nisargadatta Maharaj Lately I’ve been speaking at a public conference about Christ and non duality. After the presentation was over, some people came to me and asked me if I had a website or if I ever… Read more

  • The Eternal Order of Melchizedek

    24 Nov 2021 by

    The fact that Jesus during the last supper broke bread and offered wine, is not accidental, but it is a precise biblical reference. As a matter of fact, in the Old Testament character is mentioned who made sacrifices in this way: Melchizedek. The Old Testament specifies he is a priest of the Most High, “El… Read more

  • The eye of the needle: a portal in time of crisis.

    15 Nov 2020 by

    In these days, a portal is opening. The old world with its supporters will be left behind. The new one, free from the weight of useless sundries and illusions, will pass through it. Remember what Jesus said: “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man… Read more

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