Umberto is an artist, a father, and a very curious mind.

Since childhood, he was always fascinated by Christ figure and by the origins of Christianity and its connection with other ancient traditions such as Sufism, Judaism, and Ancient Egyptian mythology.

Deepening this research over the years, he found a lot of common traits between Christianity and the nondual tradition (Shankara and Nisargadatta Maharaj in particular).

He believes that by meditating what lays at the intersection of Christ’s message and of the nondual message, Christianity itself may get a new life.
It can become, anew, a message of Liberation for the Western world, needed now more than ever as its people feel lonely and separate from one another.

An invitation to go back to an all-inclusive Heart, to openness and community. 

An invitation to transform the current state of individuality into its all-encompassing descendant, individualization, where multitude gets included in the direct experience of the self.

Based on the famous saying that “religion is the opium of people”, Umberto suggests that opium can be both a drug and a medicine. Religion is not an institution but a never-ending process of reunification (“re – ligio”) and it might even save us from the outbreak of ever-increasing social and economic inequalities.

Umberto shares his journey in writing and by public speaking at events and international gatherings such as the Science and Nonduality Conference.

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