The eye of the needle: a portal in time of crisis.

In these days, a portal is opening.

The old world with its supporters will be left behind.

The new one, free from the weight of useless sundries and illusions, will pass through it.

Remember what Jesus said: “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Mark 10, 25)

It has to be well understood. At those times the “Eye of the needle” was the name people gave to a gate of ancient Jerusalem.

It was so narrow that cameleers had to take off their merchandise from the camels in order to pass through it.

Also today, the portal is an “eye of the needle”.

It requires that we let go much more than some useless objects.

We have to let go of everything we know about ourselves.

The time has come that we leave for the desert.

To be exiles on the earth.

We have to abandon the world of men.

They will try to stop us by any means: they will laugh at us, they will insult us and then they will threaten us. They will even use violence.

But our Church will return to be what it used to be, at the origin: no idolatry, no hierarchy and no distinction between religious and lay people.

Our thought will be Devotion, our emotion will be Gratitude, our body will be Love incarnate.

Our action will be detached from its fruits, determined but at the same time abandoned to the faith in the Divine and Its will.

The ceiling of our temple will be the Sky, the pavement will be Mother Earth.

Our confessional and our altar will be our Heart.

Our Holy communion will be Silence.

Take us by the hand and heal the wounds in our dream, as we step into the new aion.


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