The importance of being heretic: the choice.

In the Gospels, Jesus gives us a wise advice, which is more than a simple advice.

In Mathew 6,24 Christ says: “No one can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and money”.

The original Greek version uses the word “Mammona”. I think “money” is a very bad translation.

“Mammona” was an idol, the personification of richness. It has a wider meaning than “money”.

It represents the world, the worldliness, the mind with its endless clouds of desires, attachments and longings. 

Jesus is telling us: “choose! The world, or God”.

You can’t serve both.

The mind or the Heart.

You can’t believe both.

In greek, the word for choosing is “aireo”. “Airesis” is the choice.

From these terms came the word “heretic”.

The heretic is the one who chooses.

Today, as always, it is fundamental to make a radical choice, without hesitation.

Let’s become heretics, let’s choose God.

In the world that we have before our eyes, with the dissolution of all certainties, with the radicalization of opinions, with the ever greater erosion of every space of freedom, this ancient choice can no longer be postponed.

Either we choose the Heart, through which God speaks, or we choose the mind, with its ghosts.

God or the world.

The Heart or the mind.

From this choice there’s no coming back.

And it grows in our Heart through prayer and presence, the two pillars that are based on a single, eternal, source: the Silence of the Heart.

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